Wired calls for Death of Environmentalism

But today, one ecological problem outweighs all others: global warming. Restoring the Everglades, protecting the Headwaters redwoods, or saving the Illinois mud turtle won’t matter if climate change plunges the planet into chaos. It’s high time for greens to unite around the urgent need to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

Among the deliberately provocative ideas from the current issue of Wired; live in cities, not suburbs, accept genetic engineering, go nuclear, farm old growth forests, carbon trading doesn’t work – and more.

Do I agree with everything they say? No. But this is a welcome blast at an oft-doddering environmental movement that refuses to use technology and is agrarian at core. Living without electricity is not the solution. Providing clean, renewable energy and transportation to the planet is.

The Breakthrough Institute echoes the sentiment and indeed, is a fellow traveler.

The argument of Break Through is that climate change is creating new fault lines in the society and in politics, ones that no longer fall along the “environmentalist/ anti-environmentalist” dichotomy. Wired — whose whole special issue is motivated by the threat of climate change the failure of greens to deal with it — arrives at a similar place.

The solution is not to go backwards. The solution is not to tell India and China their population should not have cars and electricity (like they’d listen anyway to pious preaching from an energy-wasting First World.) Instead, the solution is to use the tools and technology we have now to create the world we want.