Our clueless Congress

The House just passed a measure allowing the Justice Department to sue OPEC members for limiting oil supplies and setting prices.

Does their cluelessness exceed their arrogance or is it the other way around? Maybe someone should tell Congress that OPEC has been setting prices openly for decades and that banging the rattle on the high chair and demanding OPEC do our bidding is no solution at all.

Bush says he’ll veto it. Good.

Instead of having election-induced temper tantrums, Congress needs to focus on creating renewable energy here and moving towards an economy not so dependent on the internal combustion engine.


  1. Arrogant indeed. We support the supposed free market except when it benefits someone else. We’ve burned more than out share of the world’s oil, so get used to paying more for it.

    RE alternative energy: did you catch the part about “Brazil produces ethanol at 1/3 our cost but we will not allow ethanol imports”?

  2. That was his point: we subsidize ethanol production, and it costs 3 times as much to make. Capitalism suggests that we buy it where it’s cheaper to make…

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