Finally, a truly done deal

The money from the sale of our house in CT is now in our bank account. As seemingly happened with everything on this sale and escrow, the bank wire took longer than expected to occur. But occur it did, and now this really and truly is a done deal.

What with the negotiations for the sale, an escrow that closed 16 days late, packing the house and loading everything in a 16 ft. Ryder truck, driving across the country with it, finding an apartment and unloading in 2 days in South San Francisco, flying back for 6 days for my sister’s wedding, then returning with our two cats, well, we were living out of suitcases for three weeks, often under high stress (would the escrow close?)

Now we get to relax. And blogging here, which may have been a bit rushed and abbreviated at times, will get back to normal too.

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