VW L1 concept car

VW says it’ll be in production by 2010 and will get 230 miles per gallon. It could make a perfect commuting car – if you like driving crowded freeways in a toboggan on wheels, that is!


  1. In one sense, you are right. There is something I would fear driving around in a toboggan on wheels: other drivers might try to run me over out of jealousy! Seriously though, when gas doubles again, as it will certainly do in the near future, freeways full of L1s could save our bacon.

  2. I drive a motorcycle all the time so this is no different except not as much power and I can ride it in all weather. I’ll drive it down the interstate anytime. When it’s my time to die, it doesn’t matter if I’m in this or in an SUV. I’ll still be dead.

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