1. Every blip, readjustment, or bubble burst in capitalism usually is a euphemism for somebody somewhere paying in misery. The statistics are always quoted as if they were in no way attached to the humans caught of in the capitalist illusion. We mustn’t let the people know the truth, they might want to change things.

  2. I agree, though sometimes so-called gains mask misery as well. Small farmers are increasingly tempted or coerced from their farms to work in factories. Their income may triple, but they can no longer afford food or housing, which they didn’t used to have to pay for. GDP rises, average income rises, but to does poverty. The current food price increase would have far less widespread effect on the world’s poor if they still farmed their own food.

    OTOH, the same can be said of socialism, fascism, and every other form of government that’s been tried: numbers mask the human truth.

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