TSA Millimeter Wave Images

What TSA sees when they scan you. Not too intrusive and they say the TSA employee who views the scan does not actually see the passenger in person.

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  1. Untrue! The brochure’s photos are obviously photoshopped. The viewer will be able to see — in clear and graphic detail — nipples, vulva, penis, scrotum, sizes, proportions, etcetera.




    I do not believe for a second that images are not saved & stored! This is a security gateway, and similar to security camera tapes, the pictures will be saved for later law inforcement & (media leakage) purposes.

    Only a matter of time before someone leaks (for example) Brad Pitt’s Penis’n’Pecs.

    What is the perceived benefit of this technology? Expedience for those observing. The ability to distance themselves from the outrage of those being examined.

    The only difference between this and strip searching is the awareness that one’s body is being intimately viewed. It is easier to believe that one’s modesty is unviolated if the peeper is in the next room.

    Call it what it is — the continued surrender of our 4th amendment rights — The right against invasion of privacy by the government, corporations or individuals.

    Measure our loss against benefits that are gained. Are there any? Have current methods failed so that strip searching every traveler becomes necessary? I don’t think so.

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