1. A rhetorical question for you: You donate money to an environmental action non-profit that promises to plant trees to offset carbon emmisions. You then find out that at one of their tree plantations, once the trees mature they are sold/harvested by a large paper mill that doesn’t include any recycled material in its paper and pollutes a nearby river. Being an environmentally concious individual, wouldn’t you want your money going to an alternate location where the trees do their job of sucking up CO2 and don’t contribute to pollution?

    Same thing with Rent-a-Center. It’s their money and they want it to feed hungry people, not go to a political campaign.

  2. Oh please, spare me the pious rhetoric coming from one of the most vicious and predatory “businesses.” You guys make mafia loan sharks look good.

    And your facts are wrong, the food banks continue to feed the poor, their support of the coalition takes a minor amount of money.

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