1. Our 200-watt unit is plenty quiet (except when gusts go over 40 mph). The problem is not noise– it’s affordability. The $350 unit cost over $1,500 installed. It’ll need to run for 25-30 years to pay for itself.


  2. Which is one very good reason that people who generate their own energy should be able to sell it back into the grid, even at a discounted price. This would help pay for it, and lead to more people doing it.

  3. We can and do– the only limitation is we can’t sell back more than we use. But in winter, we use far more than we generate anyway so that’s not an issue. What we don’t use is effectively purchased by the utility at retail rates because it runs our meter backward.

    Of course, if we could supply the grid and get money back, we might install a 5Kw unit instead of a 200-watt unit. The economics of that are less clear.

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