Final preparations for moving

We close escrow on the sale of our house on May 1, and will drive a truck with our belongings to San Francisco, where we’re moving to. We fly back here for my sister’s wedding on May 10, grab the cats, and return to S.F. where we will stay in corporate housing for a bit until we find an apartment. So, for the next month or so, postings here may be coming at odd times and may be sporadic, although I do plan to stack up lots of posts to appear in the future.

During this process of selling, the buyer requested we do one fairly major job, and once again, it’s always good to get multiple quotes. I got four quotes. One clearly didn’t want the job, two seemed to think it would be complicated, but the fourth one, a solid pro with lots of experience, not only said the job would be no problem, his bid was 40% lower than the others. So, it’s always pays to shop around.

The house is mostly packed, we have a moving sale next weekend, and leave a few days after that. Whew!

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