Florida beating videos. MySpace is not responsible

This is no different than Network TV news showing Reginald Denny getting his brains smashed all over the pavement during the LA Riots in 1992. Should the news networks be held responsible for running those stories? I think not!

One article I read said “It’s not clear who posted the video on the Internet.” Trust me, it’s clear. Anyone that knows anything about technology knows that information can be obtained. Last time I checked there is something called IP addresses and every single computer on the internet has a unique signature (unless of course you are using an ip address cloaking device).

I know of at least one method of IP cloaking that is free, legal, and completely blocks your IP address. But you’ll have to find it for yourself. :->

MySpace is NOT to blame here people. If you leave the technology out of the picture for a moment this is just a bunch of kids that decided to beat the crap out of another kid because they didn’t like what she said about them. The mistake they made is they decided to film the whole thing.

It’s like they can’t tell the difference between reality and video. In the real world, there is no rewind button and you can’t record over and erase. Most people have a pretty good grip on that fact. But not all, apparently.

You can find the videos here. About 5 seconds was all I could take of psychopath cheerleaders pummeling a terrified girl.

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