California here we come…

500 miles north of where we started from…

Sue and I moved from L..A. to Connecticut, near where I grew up, in Feb. 2007. For a variety of reasons, we’d been thinking of selling our current house and renting. Then, out of the blue and without us putting the house on the market, a real estate agent sent us a letter saying said he had a client who once viewed our house, liked it, and was there a possibility we would consider selling. I could almost see his jaw hitting the ground when I called him and said yes.

We close escrow May 1. Sue is a CPA / CFA and wants to attend a highly regarded nine month Masters program in Taxation at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

So, hello, San Francisco. You are a world class city with spectacular amounts of political and artistic energy. See you soon.

If you live there, please email or leave comments. We’ll need lots of help figuring out where to rent in the city, etc. and look forward to meeting you.


  1. Whoa. That was quick.

    Does that mean I get to visit you in San Francisco?

    And what does this mean for the projected trip to the UK?

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