UK surveillance becoming Orwelllian

From Dave Marsh via the Rock and Rap Confidential listserv

Ray Davies told me a few weeks ago that the situation as regards civil liberties in the UK is even worse than in the US. My jaw dropped. He insisted he was right. Roger’s the only other one I’ve seen to say so.

Roger Daltrey – CCTV caused hoodies

Roger Daltrey has hit out at the Government over civil liberties.

“I wish young people were treated with more understanding,” Daltrey told NME. “The reason kids wear hoodies is because of all the CCTV cameras. If I was a kid now, I’d be a hoodie. I wouldn’t want them to watch me either.”

Daltrey added: “It’s a horrendous society we live in, and it creates disrespect for the law.”