1. Wow thats pretty massive. I’m pretty sure I saw a large tower like this in a concept books years ago, although at the time I looked of it and could find no mention of the tower.
    This thing must require a huge capital. The top of the tower must be able to withstand a unbelievable amount of heat. The towers in the Southern US, some of them heat up to 2000 degrees at the top of the tower.

  2. No, no, no, this isn’t a solar-concentration thermal tower. Look at the video. It runs by air convection; the air in the big flat greenhouse heats up; it runs through turbines; it rises through the tower and is expelled at the top. Highest temperature: 70 C, at ground level. (= 158 F) This is probably less efficient than solar concentration systems, but it needs fewer moving parts. (Just turbines at ground level, no pumps and pipes for water and steam.)

  3. i need to know where the solar power tower is currently being used?

  4. Spain has a major installation, with more coming. Biggest in the world, I think.

  5. what are all of you up to

  6. Oh okay thanks paradoctor I couldn’t piece it all together with only the images.

  7. This proposed solar tower will be in NSW.


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