• Wow thats pretty massive. I’m pretty sure I saw a large tower like this in a concept books years ago, although at the time I looked of it and could find no mention of the tower.
    This thing must require a huge capital. The top of the tower must be able to withstand a unbelievable amount of heat. The towers in the Southern US, some of them heat up to 2000 degrees at the top of the tower.

  • paradoctor

    No, no, no, this isn’t a solar-concentration thermal tower. Look at the video. It runs by air convection; the air in the big flat greenhouse heats up; it runs through turbines; it rises through the tower and is expelled at the top. Highest temperature: 70 C, at ground level. (= 158 F) This is probably less efficient than solar concentration systems, but it needs fewer moving parts. (Just turbines at ground level, no pumps and pipes for water and steam.)

  • james gibb

    i need to know where the solar power tower is currently being used?

  • Spain has a major installation, with more coming. Biggest in the world, I think.

  • james gibb

    what are all of you up to

  • Oh okay thanks paradoctor I couldn’t piece it all together with only the images.

  • This proposed solar tower will be in NSW.