LA Times, Sean Combs, and Tupac

James Sabatino

The LA Times recently ran a major investigative story saying Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs was behind the shooting and beating of Tupac Shakur. They are now backtracking from that and have launched an internal investigation after The Smoking Gun, in a lengthy well-documented article, shows rather conclusively that the documents the LA Times relied on were forged by a conman, James Sabatino, who did it while in prison.

How a federal inmate duped the Los Angeles Times, fabricated FBI reports, and linked Sean “Diddy” Combs to 1994 ambush of Tupac Shakur.

I’m guessing the LA Times better run a massive front page apology to Combs then hope his lawsuit isn’t too huge. I mean, the supposed FBI docs and a document from Sabatino had precisely the same spelling errors in them, plus the FBI reports were typed – yet the FBI hasn’t used typewriters for 20 years. The Smoking Gun uncovers lots more problems with Sabatino too.