A long, hot Chinese summer

Anyone ready for the wave of protests that are likely to reignite in Burma right around the time of the Olympics? How about a round two in Tibet? In Turkic China? Why not even in Shanghai? The eyes of the world will be on China like never before, and the sight witnessed will probably not be pretty.

Indeed, what better time to have protests than when the whole world is watching and Beijing desperately wants to put on a happy face to the world?

Most amusing of all this is the fundamental greed of the Chinese (no less than Americans or Europeans. The Chinese have not developed Tibet for the Tibetans, they developed it for the Chinese immigrants who they sent there to “change facts on the ground” and desperate Tibetans tired of unfulfilled Chinese promises struck back at their oppressors.

Wait, I thought communists were supposed to support the right of persecuted minorities to seek self-determination? Guess not.

Chinese leaders are fundamentally unable to solve the contradictions of “get rich quick” and “take care of the people” and probably won’t be for many years to come. This has created a dangerous schism in Chinese society that could very well be on full display during the Olympic coverage.

And when they will be powerless to crack down hard because the media of the world will be watching.

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