1. What about the other Missouri River Levee Breeches? What about all the other Missouri flooding from the Corps “flood control”. What about all that flooding in Ohio? IL? CA? NV? WA? OR? LA? FL? WV? MA? VA? AL? MS?
    And by the way, the levees did not breech in New Orleans until after the storm had missed the city.
    This famous levee that has “so far held” that you reference LEAKS. What about the next rainfall?
    Come on, do you work for the Corps or one of their PR contractors? Getting the positive spin out early?
    Looks like it.

  2. You’re absolutely correct. Shrieking insults when someone does the right thing right is certainly the best way to insure they continue doing so. Plus you get to feel morally superior while sitting on your ass doing nothing.

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