March 19 Iraq War blogswarm

March 19 Iraq War blogswarm

271 blogs will be blogging today opposing the war in Iraq.

I used to think that people in the streets can end the wars. The problem now is that mass antiwar protests have become just part of the background noise and are mostly ignored by the media and government. If you’re serious about wanting to end the wars – and not just doing it to recruit for your little grouplet – then the protests need to have major political impact.

Right now, they don’t. In part this is because the tireless radicals who do most of the organizing for mass protests see the current system as corrupt, not worth dealing with, and view as pointless any efforts to change the system from within. Thus, they will eternally be on the outside, nose pressed against the glass looking in, dreaming of revolutionary change. Ain’t going to happen. The chance of left wing revolutionary change in the US is, IMHO, slim and none.

Also, the left generally attacks the mainstream media as being corporate mouthpieces yet at the same time needs and wants the MSM to give coverage to their protests, demonstrations, and causes. Can’t have it both ways.

What we’re doing isn’t working. We need to devise new ways to get our antiwar message out there. Winter Soldier was a major first step in that direction. We need to, and can, create many more initiatives like that.

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  1. Bob,

    Excellent post. We definitely need to reevaluate what we’ve been doing and where we are headed if we ever hope to end this war. Five years is way too long. And it’s heartbreaking to think the end still isn’t even in sight.


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