Antiwar protests this weekend

Hollywood Peace March. Mar. 15, 2008

Iraq Veterans Against the War conclude their Winter Soldier testimony today in DC. There’s been practically no mainstream media coverage of it, and not even that much from the alt press and blogs. They did video everything, so hopefully edited snips of the best of the testimony will be on YouTube, etc. Still, the lack of media coverage is discouraging.

ANSWER LA had yet another antiwar march and rally in Hollywood yesterday. The police said 2,000 came, ANSWER said 10,000. Even if it was 10,000, that would still definitely be on the low end of size for their antiwar demonstrations.

People are distracted by the economy and the upcoming election. The wars aren’t central news now. Maybe new techniques and strategies are needed. Mass marches generally get ignored now, unless they are monumentally huge. Winter Soldier was a needed step in a new direction, but right now, the wars just aren’t much on people’s minds.