Diesel price soaring

diesel prices

Sue has a VW New Beetle diesel. She says the price of diesel has been been going up 5-10 cents a day for the past few days.

This impacts everyone, because much of what we buy and use is trucked in by diesel.


  1. In Utah, the cost of diesel typically runs 25% higher than gasoline. That’s something to consider when calculating savings from the better mileage of automobile diesel engines: it’s got to get 25% better mileage just to cost the same.

    As diesel prices increase, at some point it will no longer be cost-effective to ship cheap goods by truck. We may still get them by rail (where available), but that suggests some painful changes in employment patterns, since trucking employs over 6 million people in this country.

    BTW, what kind of mileage does Sue get in her diesel?

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