I’ve been purged!

Adam and Eve driven from the Garden
But then, I never have been able to turn off my brain and robotically accept dogma. My thought crime apparently involved being insufficiently Marxist. Mentioned this to a long-time socialist friend who laughed and said, congratulations.

A Steppenwolf lyric seems appropriate.

Your mind is so narrow
That it’s no surprise
If you fell on a pin
You’d be blind in both eyes.

And a bit more poetically, also from Steppenwolf.

I can’t return to where you’re goin’
What I have learned, it can’t be undone

All my faith got caught in a maze
Lost our dreams in a far a way place
Now that I have seen you again
Can’t believe your world’s still the same.

This was of course done in the finest tradition of the far left, without explanation or recourse and in a way that insured any existing friendships were vaporized. Go figure.

Update: Thoughts on the subject. Marxist groups, organizing, and clowning.