One thought on “Disk encryption hack discovered

  1. Uhmm.. ok. Yeah. This is nothing new. The only “inovative” thing is using a freeze can and boot loader to quickly access the ram in a device after a reboot to get the data. The same this is possible if your device has a reset button or a hard-kill power switch.

    If you’re leaving encrypted volumes mounted while in susspend or hibernate mode it’s vulnerable to a number of attacks. If you’re using encrypted material, you should do so on a mounting as-needed basis, and be sure to unmount and wipe the key from memory before walking away from it.

    TrueCrypt (FYI) has a feature that does just that, so I think the ad is a little misleading in showing it as a “crackable” item. Once you unmount a volume, it stores values over the memory allocated for the key by the driver before releasing it back to the system. So as long as you unmount the drives, you’re good.

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