Sharper Image files for bankruptcy

Could we be looking at a world without monogrammed silver dog bowls? That’d be the best news I’ve heard in a long time. . .

More seriously, with food and energy costs rising for consumers, stores that sell expensive gadgets to middle America are the first to get impacted.

But how we will get by without $50 electric nose hair trimmers????


  1. “Internet Death List
    By: Peter Chamberlin”

    “One thing that is certain, is that the writer of these words, and all of you who read these words have been marked for disappearance or termination. In the end, it will matter very little about the nationality of the man who shoves the gun in our faces, for whoever he proves to be, he will surely be an immoral monster”…

  2. Bring it on, George, I shoot first. No hesitation, no questions asked.

  3. As I mentioned elsewhere, a balanced approach to these troubled times would suggest investing in conventional vehicles like stocks and bonds, as well as gold, guns, and ammo. Some will disappear less easily than others.

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