Experience and presidents

The president who came to office with the most glittering array of experiences had served 10 years in the House of Representatives, then became minister to Russia, then served 10 years in the Senate, then four years as secretary of state (during a war that enlarged the nation by 33 percent), then was minister to Britain. Then, in 1856, James Buchanan was elected president and in just one term secured a strong claim to the rank as America’s worst president.

Abraham Lincoln, the inexperienced former one-term congressman, had an easy act to follow.

In an apparent response, the Clinton campaign issued a statement saying Sen. Clinton’s vast depth of experience enables her to see things in new and refreshing ways which thusly makes her experience simultaneously appear to be inexperience except for yesterday when she said the opposite, which is simply one more measure of her experience except that her experience isn’t being emphasized today even if we just did so.

They also made quite a point of emphasizing that “Barack Hussein Obama Jr.” anagrams into “Marijuana Bar Sobs Heck” but that they certainly did not wish to imply that Obama was a drug dealing threat to national security, although others might be led to believe so.