Open national antiwar conference

On behalf of the Coordinating Committee of the National Assembly to End the Iraq War and Occupation, we are pleased to announce an Open National Conference to Stop the War in Iraq and Bring the Troops Home Now, scheduled for Cleveland, Ohio, June 28-29, 2008. The purpose of the conference is to to place on the agenda of the entire U.S. antiwar movement a proposal for the largest possible united mass mobilization(s) in the future to stop the Iraq War and end the occupation

This seems to be a new group, has a long list of endorsers, many from United for Peace and allied groups, don’t see any from ANSWER et al.

Yes, the antiwar movement needs to unite into a mass coalition for a massive mobilization. We don’t have to agree on everything (and probably won’t!) but hey, imagine a day with thousands of protests, teach-ins, flash mobs, demonstrations, podcasts, lobbying of Congress, videos on YouTube, speaking to churches and community groups – all with the aim of ending the war. Let every group do what it does best with the sole theme being Bring the Troops Home Now.