Starbucks drops T-Mobile for AT&T

at&t logo
Not to worry, T-Mobile customers will be able to access wi-fi at Starbucks at no additional cost.

This makes AT&T the 800 lb. gorilla of wi-fi, as they already have McDonalds. Happily, they will be making wi-fi both easier and cheaper.

Beginning this spring, Starbucks Card holders can get two hours of free Wi-Fi service per day, while more than 12 million qualifying AT&T broadband and AT&T U-verse Internet customers will have unlimited free access to the Wi-Fi service.

Customers will be able to purchase tiered WiFi access. For a two-hour period, customers will pay just $3.99 per session. Monthly membership will also be available for $19.99 per month, and will include access to any of AT&T’s 70,000 hot spots in 89 countries around the world.

We are finally seeing lower prices and greater availability come to wi-fi even if it is a bit scary how omnipresent AT&T has become. Our cable modem and cell phone are already AT&T, our wi-fi may become that too (especially if we qualify for the free service!)