Ron Paul supporter goes for Obama

Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis has some of the best coverage anywhere on the unfolding subprime and credit crisis. Mish voted for Ron Paul in the primary, realizes Paul can’t win now, and has switched to Obama. The war is a primary reason why.

The public is sick of this war for economic reasons. Polls show the single most important thing we can do economically is leave Iraq. That’s all you need to know. There are plenty of reason to vote against Obama. I for one, will not like many of the programs he will support.

But there is one powerful reason to vote for him. That one reason is enough.

Obama is smart enough to understand you cannot bomb enemies into an attitude change and it is a waste of money to even try.

Let’s hope Obama genuinely believes this and will end the war. Is he anti-imperialist? Of course not. But pragmatic reasons for ending the war, expense and lack of public support, will suffice just fine too. The important thing is that it ends, quickly too.

That Obama can pick up votes from libertarians who voted for Ron Paul shows how his support is cutting across all the usual boundaries.