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  1. tony greenstein

    Yes, after months of battling to get the Indymedia collective to bar holocaust deniers and anti-Semites from posting articles, we have a situation now, after their meeting at the weekend, whereby anti-Semites are welcome and their opponents are banned!

    See the following blog for general articles and information on what is happening as well as the Socialist Unity site.

    Below are 2 articles which result from the fallout from the meeting in Nottingham at the weekend. Naturally they are hidden,

    But Holocaust Deniers are now starting to post openly. E.g. the following by an Edna Spennato (aka ‘knuckles’)

    If you want to know why Knuckles and her friend Atzmon are holocaust deniers just read

    or this (which naturally is hidden!)

    The fools and fellow-travellers with racism and anti-Semitism on UK IM are unable to tell the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. Some of them think they are doing Palestinians a favour by publishing this sort of garbage.

    There is nothing the Zionists love better than to demonstrate that supporters of the Palestinians are anti-Semitic. Indymedia UK has now done all it could to prove them right.

    Tony Greenstein

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