California primary results. Nader & McKinney

Ralph Nader and former House member Cynthia McKinney were on the ballot yesterday in California for both the Green Party and the Peace and Freedom Party.

Nader won convincingly on both, yet it’s not a given he wants the nomination. To my mind, McKinney would be a much stronger candidate and would bring badly needed new members into the GP. Nader has done a huge amount of progressive work in the past 45 years but, hey Ralph, take your laurels and rest on them. You deserve it.

Green Party
Nader 61%
McKinney 25%
total ballots cast: about 27,800

Peace and Freedom
Nader 40%
McKinney 21%
Gloria La Riva 20% (She is also running for president on the Party for Socialism and  Liberation, a non-ballot status party.)
total ballots cast: about 5,300

The ‘total ballots cast’ shows, unfortunately, that the two parties have a tiny presence. The Green Party of California has about half of the total Greens registered in the entire country. P&F has ballot status only in California, the GP in about 24 states.