Britney. Someone get that poor girl some help

With her father taking legal control of her financial affairs amid reports of irrational screaming fits from Britney, it’c clear something serious is wrong with her.

When someone has psychotic breaks, yes, some do recover and resume normal lives again. But it can take a major psychic toll on them and they may never be quite the same again.

This isn’t a celebrity having a few bad days, this is someone approaching mental breakdown.


  1. Britney? Britney who?

  2. She’s that former pop star who in a couple of years will be making the rounds of the talk shows speaking about her new book that tells how she overcame drug addiction, mental illness, and whatever other demons she currently has.

  3. I am waiting to see her on Dancing with the Stars, or some similar such show that is the last resort for people whose fame and fortune have dried up.

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