Socialism and Stalin

Squirrel Communism looks at the horrors of Stalinism and the sometimes tendency of the socialist left to say this occurred outside of or was a perversion of the revolution.

If we are to deal with this problem and eventually overcome it, we shall have to go beyond calls for a “return to Lenin” and a rejection of “Stalinism”. We must accept Stalinism as a historical part of our movement, its horrors as our horrors. Only then will we actually try to find some real solution to our (get it?) contradictions and give capital a final kick in the butt.

A primary force leading to such horrors is the dictatorship of the proletariat. In theory it is supposed to be aimed only at the recently deposed bourgeoisie, and a temporary situation as well. In practice, it becomes  an entrenched system run by a few with vast powers and no way to replace them.