Podcasts and plane flights

We just got back from a pleasant week in Tucson visiting Sue’s parents. Plane flights go much faster with an iPod, especially when it’s loaded with podcasts.

Among my favorite podcasts:

Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code. The former MTV VJ and major force behind podcasting continues to have one of the best podcasts. Music, tech talk, and more. Thrill to his current adventures with TSA at airports where he always gets pulled aside.

Steve Gibson. Security Now. This security expert (and author of disk saver program Spinrite) makes encryption and computer vulnerabilities understandable to the non-geek public, not a simple task.

Inside Renewable Energy. From RenewableEnergyAccess. Current news and interviews on all aspects of renewable energy.

Also, Democracy Now, Rocketboom, Treehugger Radio, This Week in Tech, Grist Environmental, and Bill Gross of Pimco.

All these podcasts are on iTunes. Whatever your interests, there’s probably a podcast about it.


  1. Or, you could actually read a progressive or left-wing magazine or newspaper…or even a book! 😉

  2. I’ve heard mention of these strange things you call “books.” I believe Steve Jobs recently said no one reads them any more. :->

    Given the problems that Adam Curry, a well-off center-right businessman, has with TSA, I’m guessing bring Che’s diaries as carry-on might be a red flag. Which is a sad commentary on the times.

  3. PS I haven’t found Left political podcasts, except for Democracy Now, that are as well-done and comprehensive as the best of the tech podcasts.

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