Adopt a kitty

(Yes, it’s the bane of blogdom, more impossibly cute photos of cats. But these kittens need a home.)

These four females are Maine Coon mixes, about four months old, and healthy. They were abandoned in a snowy field near a feral cat colony and rescued by the Humane Society. We are fostering them for the Humane Society and want to find homes for them. They are in the process of getting all needed shots, are FLV negative, and have certificates so they can be fixed.

Email me if interested,. We live near Hartford CT

Julia cat

Miss America cat

Miss America (loves being groomed)
Dali cat

Dali (big whiskers, looks like moustache)

Twinkletoes cat

Twinkletoes (white toes on each foot.)


  1. I’m in Portland, Oregon and have been trying to get off the dime on adopting a new kitten. Of course, I can’t take one of these “impossibly cute” kittens in your photos, but it is obvious that there are plenty to adopt in my own area. The biggest impediments to taking action are 1) my laziness and 2) my 15-year old tomcat who will be dismayed to have competition.

    Good luck with finding homes for your visitors and thanks for doing what you’re doing with them. This is important stuff.

  2. The best way to introduce a new cat is to keep it locked up in a bedroom for a week. That way they get used to each others smells, and then maybe will sniff at the door at each other.

    Then, after a week, open the door and watch. Hopefully all will be well. With a tomcat, you probably want a female. Then there’s no question who is the dominant one.

    Our three cats know instantly when there are new cats in the spare bedroom. But they never see them (except sometimes when they peek in when we open the door.

  3. Thanks for the thoughts. I am definitely looking for a little girl kitty, probably a mixed torti, which I’ve had good luck with before. I’ve never had good results wth multiple males in the same household.

    My old cat is a real sweetheart. He doesn’t even notice anymore when my next door neighbor visits and her cat and large black lab follow her into the house!

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