Facebook needs a clue train

A lot of people say that Facebook has jumped the shark. That’s flat out wrong. In fact, Facebook is now being devoured by the shark. There’s so much blood in the water, it’s attracting other sharks. And if Facebook’s not careful, one of them is bound to come along and finish it off. I’ve never seen anything like it in the annals of fast-rising tech companies that fail.

Facebook appears obstinate to the point of stupidity in their refusal to give an explanation about Beacon, about their lies, and what they plan to do. But when you pride yourself on never hiring anyone over age 24, then you’ll not have any greybeards who have been through such crises before and know what to do. Then you’ll need to listen to and act on what they say.

PS Zuckerberg has just issued an apology which, I think, deals with some but not all of the issues.

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  1. Facebook has turned out to be like so many of the others, faceless apologies and all.

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