McKinney and Nader to run for President on two parties

Apparently Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader will be running for president in the California primaries on both the Green Party and Peace & Freedom Party tickets. Thus,  the same two candidates will be on two different tickets simultaneously.

Confused yet? Good, so am I.


  1. Uh… why? This happens all the time, especially in small town elections where there are more citizen formed groups.

    Several large names have run on multiple tickets at once, though. Just last cycle in 2006, Joseph Lieberman ran as both an Independant and a Democrat. He did so mainly to ensure that *IF* he lost the Dems ticket in the primary, he’d still be on the final balot.

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  3. But this apparently is the first time the same two people have been on the same two tickets.

  4. Actually, it’s called “fusion” some states permit more viable third parties (California and New York are the major states that have laws giving third parties more actual role in politics). Fusion is where a candidate can be a candidate of multiple parties.

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