All charges dropped against L.A. 8

The U.S. government’s 20-year attempt to deport two Palestinian men ended Oct. 31. The country’s highest body overseeing immigration cases, the Board of Immigration Appeals, dismissed all charges pending against Michel Shehadeh and Khader Hamide. This is a major victory in a precedent-setting case.

Read the full story of the twisted, vindictive attempt by the US government to jail the LA 8, activists who were arrested for advocating the Palestinian cause by handing out flyers. Yup, that’s right. Twenty years of prosecution for handing out flyers.

[The judge said] that the government had violated the constitutional rights of Shehadeh and Hamide. His opinion attacked the U.S. government’s conduct throughout the case: “the attenuation of these proceedings is a festering wound on the body of respondents and an embarrassment to the rule of law.”

The joke among the L.A. 8 is they’d become the L.A. 40 since they’d all had kids and grandkids in the past twenty years. Now they can visit them without fear of yet more malicious prosecution and threat of deportation.