The Burmese junta’s accomplices

We knew that despite protestations from the Government that British companies are supporting the regime, as are French and American companies. So it’s no surprise that Chevron and Total are part of a consortium with the junta and that Halliburton was involved in the construction of the gas pipline which was built with forced labour.It seems that the EU arms embargo on Burma has been compromised by India by their selling of European made military helicopters to the junta. Russia, China and Ukraine have also been arming the regime supplying it with everything from small arms to surface-to-air missiles. Israel too is playing a role in keeping the junta armed so that it can slaughter defenceless monks. Israel and Burma have developed a military pact.

All of which perhaps makes it clearer why the West has done little to pressure the Burmese government. Don’t want to interrupt those income streams, after all.