California cats

Our cats have been adapting slowly to Connecticut since we moved here in February. The outdoors is much more fun than it was in Los Angeles, with many small furry creatures to chase and bring home as presents.

Rain still baffles them. While it did of course rain in L.A., it rains more here. Joey got caught in a cloudburst and came inside drenched. After Sue got him dry, he sat at a window and scowled at the rain.

Today he and Bandit insisted on going inside in a soaking storm then swiftly came running back inside. More scowling. Watching them run outside the first time during a blizzard when the deck is icy should be fun.

One comment

  1. Our dog Annie, a California dog, had never seen snow before we came to Utah, and we weren’t sure how she’d react. At first, she was skeptical. Then she took a running jump to go over a snowbank, not realizing it was soft, and went THROUGH the snowbank instead. That, she decided, was pretty fun, and she did it over and over again. All of our dogs love snow, even Sam, the city dog from Vegas.

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