Biggest evacuation since Katrina. 800+ homes gone

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L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez

In times of natural disaster, the best often surfaces in all of us. Donations, warm blankets, sandwiches. Whatever is needed, we’re at the ready.

Unless it involves Malibu.

Yeah, just why all the Malibu-bashing anyway? Not everyone who lives there is wealthy, there’s plenty of middle class folks too, and even if they were all rich – like that matters when you see all your personal possessions and mementos go up in smoke? The real problem, he suggests, is the playing chicken with Mother Nature.

“Living on hillsides that are proven to be future landslides and combining that with living in a dry area,” said Kevin, “comes down to not rich or poor but smart and stupid. . . . These lands were not meant to be built on but some people think money can overcome that. Good luck.”

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