La Russophobe

La Russophobe is shrill, deliberately slanted, and has ties to hard right PajamasMedia, but still, they aggregate coverage on what’s happening inside Russia today, news you’ll not easily find elsewhere. Putin’s increasingly bold power grabs. The Nashi, his Hitler Youth-like personality cult of thuggish teenagers. The murder and destruction of political opponents. The serious and ongoing smashing of civil rights. They see it as a return to Stalinism. I see it as a return to the Czars, who saw the people as objects to be exploited so as to maintain their power and privilege through violence and fear.

La Russophobe says the time to act is now.

As Lenin asked: What should we do now?

The answer is simple. We should, and must, do what Lenin did — what Ronald Reagan did. We must fight the Evil Empire by every means at our disposal.

Hmm, this may well be the first time the spirit of Lenin and Reagan have been invoked simultaneously in a call for freedom fighters to arise…

Ignore their hyperbole and loose cannon persona, and you’ll find La Russophobe is deeply concerned about the bad moon they see rising inside Russia.


  1. Perhaps the “bad moon” has already risen in the West!

  2. Too many bad moons rising everywhere of late, I think!

    Happily, there is no possibility of a youth personality cult forming around Dubya.

  3. LR is a heavily censored neocon site that clearly has a anti Russia agenda.

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