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  1. Interesting. The article notes, “So who’s at the bottom? Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Indiana and, at No. 50, West Virginia.” Four of the five are not just red states, they’re part of the southern block.

    Also the article noted that miles driven was a major factor in the calculations. (Why not? For many of us, that’s our biggest CO2 contribution.) That puts compact New England states at a great advantage to us spread-out western states, where I have to drive eighty miles one way just to see a medical specialist. In Los Angeles, some people have a daily commute of 3 hours or more!

    Despite this, note the presence of red western states in the top 16: Arizona (10), Idaho (12), and Colorado (13)– all above “liberal” California (14). Not a bad showing, I’d say. NV, NM, SD & MT also finished in the top half. UT, I’m sad to say, ranked only 28– probably all our cheap coal.

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