Poets and writers for Avery Doninger

This Sunday Oct 14 1-6pm
The Bistro East, Litchfield Inn
432 Bantam Rd.
Litchfield CT

Live music, poets, writers, speakers.

Fundraiser for legal fees for high school student Avery Doninger, who has a civil rights appeal pending in the US Second Court of Appeals after absurd anti-free speech actions by her school administrators.

Cool Justice Report has the schedule of events, and are helping organize it.

Details of the actions of the school.

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  1. Avery is not fighting for free speech. She was never forbidden to say anything. If she wants to be elected to a position in any kind of office she needs to realize that any elected official represents a group of people. The people do not want to be represented by a person who goes crazy and says stupid things in their blog. If our new persident went to a United Nations meeting and spoke the same way Avery did in her blog, America would look disrespectful and out of control in front of the entire rest of the world. Avery, you can say whatever you want, to who ever you want, when ever you want. But don’t go crying to your mommy and the courts because you were denied a job due to your disrespectful words, or you loose a friend because of your disrespectful words. Words do have consequences and most of those consequences are NOT ILLEGAL. Get over it and stop wasting your life crying.

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