The only opposition in Burma

The Karen, Shan and other ethnic groups survive in Burma in opposition to the government simply and solely because they have enough weaponry to back the army off.

Nonviolence is a powerful and amazing tactic. But it assumes the government will not slaughter and torture you. And given that thousands of monks are missing in Burma, with reports of some of them being beaten to death, that’s clearly not the case in Burma.

Hey, didn’t Dubya said he invaded Iraq to rid them of a dictator. So why isn’t he talking about invading Burma or Uzbekistan to free those peoples of sadistic, despotic rulers? Just wondering…

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  1. NPR interviewed two Burmese monks today on the Thai border. They said (1) yes, many monks were arrested, but many more of the missing monks went into hiding (as they have done), and (2) they ex[ect that after 2-3 weeks to let the regime “cool off,” the protesters will once again hit the streets.

    Also, one of the monks said, “These people who did this, they know what they have done, and they know they’re going to pay.” He said they’ll go to the deepest hell– which is indeed the Buddha’s teaching concerning someone who kills a monk.

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