Big Oil opposing ethanol

Big Oil in the United States is fighting on several fronts to delay or stop, if possible, the adoption of ethanol as a widely used fuel for automobiles. That’s not the opinion of anti-globalists or green radicals, but one expressed in an article in the BusinessWeek, hardly a hotbed of anti-business conspiracy theories.

Were Big Oil not primarily Neanderthals who oppose any perceived threats to their business, they might have actually tried to jump on the ethanol and renewable energy bandwagons and thus make billions. Ah well, some of them will be dead or dying within the next decade or so, too big and too dumb to change.

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  1. “Now there are some arguments about the ultimate expense of corn to produce ethanol versus that of gasoline. But the rising price of oil, and even more, the costs of energy dependence, the danger of subsidizing regimens like those in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria, overseas military expenditures, along with environmental impact, rarely gets factored into the cost of oil.”

    Problem is, the cost of corn ethanol is largely denominated in oil consumption, and so shares all the listed factors.

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