Courage in Burma

Buddhist Monks protest in Burma

Amid the killing of non-violent protesting monks by the government of Burma comes one hopeful sign, dissent coming from within the military itself.


  1. I’m raised as a Buddhist since born but then I learnt other religions as I grew up, being them part of my syllabus in school. I think I’m quite an atheist but then there’s one part of me which believes that some supernatural being is out there. I don’t really bother with religion and such to be really honest with you. Friends are trying to pull me into their religion and all like offering to bring me to church, etc. I think religion is only there as a way to unite the people in the same train of thought or a way to divide between different communities

  2. One hypothesized root of the word “religion” is from a greek word meaning “to bind together.” In this sense, religion is exactly what you say, And, like any other tool, it can be used for good or ill.

    Contrast the use of Buddhism in Myanmar as a voice for freedom with that in Sri Lanka where Buddhist extremists ave created a violent, racist form of that religion– and insist that it is the only “pure” Buddhism. Likewise, Christians (and primarily Catholics) have been behind the movement to close the SOA (now WHISC), which has been used by the U.S. to train Latin American paramilitaries in repression of democracy. But OTOH, there are Christians who believe the war on terror is a holy war.

    Like a hammer– or a firearm– religion has a purpose, but is easily twisted and used for ill gains.

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