Burma protests

The protests are growing fast. 100,000 marched yesterday in nonviolent protest, led by the monks in this heavily Buddhist country. There will either be one million in the streets soon or the generals will order machine guns to be used (something they’ve done before.) Can’t see much middle ground here.


  1. As a practitioner of not-Zen (or non-practitioner of Zen, if you prefer), it is incredibly difficult to describe just how out of the ordinary Buddhist Monks leading such a protest is. We haven’t seen anything like this since the Shao Lin uprising in China a hundred and fifty or so years ago.

  2. I presume Thomas refers to the monks engaging in politics, unusual in much of the world. However, as a regular in Sri Lanka (where extremist monks not only drive the war but get elected to public office) I would take the opposite position: it is good to see monks take part in politics in a way consistent with the teachings of the founder!

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