March on Washington. Today, 12 noon

Stop the War, Sept. 15 2007. D.C.

From the ANSWER listserv

Bush has again defied the will of the people and announced a war without end. His proposed “withdrawal” of troops is actually nothing of the sort. The 30,000 troops that Bush plans to remove by summer 2008 — nine months from now — would only lower the troop level to its pre-“surge” figure.

What Bush really intends is to keep U.S. troops in Iraq for years and years to come. He plans to continue spending hundreds of millions of tax-payers dollars every day. He plans to move forward with a policy that will continue to kill thousands of U.S. service members, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

There will be a Die-In after the march, simultaneously with the main rally. Several thousand will commit civil disobedience in protest of the war. The march itself will be led by Iraq war veterans.

I’ll be there doing video and photography, and will have lots to post on Sunday.