West Virginia torture case

On a side note, clearly these people are dangerous, violent, and disgusting, but they didn’t do this because the are Appalachians, rural whites, or poor whites. They did this because they are criminals, thugs, and racists.

Recently there was a horrific home invasion in sleepy Cheshire CT, deep in the heart of prosperous Yankee-land, committed in part by a guy in his 20’s from a well-off family. I lived in L.A. for thirty years before moving back to CT and don’t recall a L.A. home invasion anywhere near as sickening as what happened Cheshire. Seriously.

So, I agree, let’s not slime poor Southern whites for atrocities committed by the deranged.


  1. White People, never-the-less.

  2. It happens. A couple of months ago in my state, a guy escaped from prison, shot a cop, and took hostages in a coffee shop; he was white. OTOH, last year a cop in my rural area pulled over a vehicle for a routine traffic stop and got both barrels of a 12-gauge for his trouble; the shooter was Native American. Also last year, a kid unloaded a bunch of guns at a mall in Salt Lake City, killing several and wounding a lot; he was a teenaged Serbian immigrant.

    IMO, all things being equal, no race or ethnic group is particularly prone to commit more crimes than any other. Of course, all things are NEVER equal, and every race and ethnic group is made up of individuals, each of whom have his/her own history and psychology.

  3. “Defense attorney Joe Spradling, who represented two of the suspects in the past, said he believes there is some racial component to the allegations, “but the biggest factor is drugs.”

  4. i lived in west virginia for 2 years my fiance is from there and let me tell you that place is a different world. The racism is so bad that the people there are blunt about their beliefs. I applied for a drivers lic. and was given such a run around that I declined to except one from that state. Something needs to be done about this place its really bad kind of like in country terrorism. We as americans should not sit back and watch this kind of living standards with in our country. racism is wrong and against gods will and I believe as a country we’ve let our fellow country men down.

  5. Huh. Where I live, all the drug dealers are white.

    [responding to a now-deleted comment that said it’s ok for whites to be racist because people of color are so vile – Polizeros.]

  6. I am white and live in Maryland. What those six white people did to that black girl is just wrong, nobody, I mean nobody deserves that. I am sure once they all go to jail, there probably will be payback while they are in jail.

  7. In response to the ongoing torture case, I originate from Logan WV. In fact I lived there the better part of my life. With that being said, I believe that I can comment on the mentality of that region. Most definitely, it is a completely different world. The mentality of that area is extremely narrow-minded. If I may use a local saying, the people of that area have a tendency to “gag at a gnat; and swallow a camel”. For instance, the poorest form of journalism I have ever encountered was the day that “The Charleston Gazette” ran two articles on the front page. One described the ongoing case of the Big Creek 6, and the other stated that the victim had been charged in several counties of writing bad checks. It was unreal. It implied to me that the journalist was saying, “Hey look this young lady is not of upstanding character either!”. This made may blood boil. I am truly ashamed to be a native of that area. Furthermore, if the defense attorneys have nothing better than to use the fact that she had a social relationship with B. Brewster and that she wrote some bad checks as an excuse for their alleged behavior, it is my contention that they have a very, very poor defense. I would like to further add that I am Caucasian, but I truly hope that people look at this as both a hate crime and crime against humanity in general. Thank you for the opportunity to add my comments.

  8. Gregory Maynard

    I was born in Holden, WV. though I’ve lived most of my 50 years in Myrtle Beach, SC. Both my parents were born and raised in Logan county as were the vast majority of my relatives. I’ve always been proud of my West Virginia roots and of Logan in particular. I spent much time their as a youth and it was the happiest time of my life. To this day I consider myself a misplaced West Virginia hillbilly. I know things change over time but I can’t remember there being any more racism there than where I live now. In fact I believe there was much less conspicuous racism. At any rate I don’t believe you should blame a town, a county or a state, for the actions of an obviously disturbed few who might live there. You can blame those individuals, maybe their raising, their friends and possibly their immediate environment, but not a whole town.
    Hatred and racism lives everywhere and in all races. Opinions cannot be legislated or controlled. We need to focus on the crimes. If you are a white man who hates blacks, or a black man who hates whites, I don’t care. I think it’s wrong, but I can’t do a thing about it. But keep it to yourself. If you harm another human being we should make sure that you never get the chance to do it again!

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