Who runs Islamic Jihad Union?

Craig Murray says Islamic Jihad Union, the group the recently arrested alleged German terrorists belonged to, is a construct of the Uzbek Security Service, with Germany being that country’s closest ally in Europe.

Uzbekistan is undoubtedly one of the most vicious dictatorships on Earth. Freedom House ranks it as one of just five countries scoring a perfect 7 – complete lack of freedom – on both political rights and civil liberties.

They’ve been known to immerse political opponents in boiling water, and are one of the most thuggish, nasty governments on the planet, amply backed and supported by Germany and the US.

Murray says no existence of IJU exists outside of the Uzbek Security Service, and wonders what the real story is.

I should make plain that regrettably it is a fact that there are those who commit violence, motivated by a fanatic version of their faith. Sadly the appalling aggression of US and allied war policy has made such reaction much more frequent. These men may or may not have been planning to commit explosions. But if they were, the question is who was really pulling their strings, and why?

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  1. Whether this is a bona fide movement or not, jihadists supported by Saudi Wahabbis have been present in Uzbekistan for over 10 years, particularly in the Ferghama Valley, and are no joke or construct by the corrupt state security services of Uzbekistan.

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