The Long Emergency. Nuclear power

Nuclear power plant

If we truly have reached the peak in oil production and everything is downhill from here, then we need electricity produced reliably in huge quantities without using oil, natural gas, or coal.

Renewable energy sources like wind, wave, water, and solar can help and should certainly be used. But they can’t go the distance. There’s only one way to create the enormous amounts of energy needed, and that is nuclear power.

The Long Emergency. James Howard KunstlerYes, nukes. That’s the conclusion Jim Kunstler reaches in The Long Emergency, and I reluctantly agree. France already generates 70% of their power that way and have never had an “incident.” Yes, there’s the radioactive storage problem as well as safeguarding against weapon proliferation. But without reliable electricity, much of what we call civilization goes away.

Further, nukes could be used to recharge electric vehicles at night, and thus could keep transportation going when and if plentiful, cheap oil becomes a thing of the past.

If you accept the thesis that oil is running out, then we need to find ways to keep the lights on. Nuclear will do just that. I’m not sure there are alternatives.