Larry Craig

Something isn’t adding up here. Se. Larry Craig was convicted on about Aug. 12, but the news didn’t break until the end of the month, which certainly seems a long time. Plus, why did he plead guilty when all that apparently happened was a little footsie, hardly a criminal offense?

A US Senator would have little trouble bulldozing his way out of a situation like that, seems to me. I mean, how many D.A.’s would want to take on a senator, something which could certainly be a career-ender. Also, at any trial, if would be his word against the cop.

Craig said he would resign, but now says maybe not, if the courts just act fast. Which means precisely what? And why the flip-flop?

There’s whole levels of stuff going on here we aren’t seeing.


  1. Bob,

    I haven’t really understood this story. From what I’ve read he played footsie with the guy and might have asked for some sexual favor? Is that illegal? I haven’t followed it very closely but it just seems strange. I think you’re right, there’s a lot going on that we’re not hearing about.


  2. AKAIK, he was alleged only to have played footsie, hardly a crime. Just the fact that he pled guilty is bizarre.

  3. One of the more secure and monitored areas anywhere in the USA today: Any airport.

    The scenario: A police sting.

    The likely evidence? A, so far, unreleased video tape. Perhaps showing him peering into occupied stalls (as the arresting officer described) or something? Not saying it is true… But would you doubt the possibility?

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